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Jazz Underground. 2012 Magnolia Avenue - Birmingham, AL 35205 Tel: (205) 202-3640 [Monday-Friday: Closed Monday, Open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm - 11pm; Open Friday from 7pm - 2am. Saturday-Sunday: Saturday: 7pm - 2am; Sunday: 7pm - Midnight. Birmingham’s home for live jazz, cooked to order food and the most fun you have had in a long time is at Jazz Underground. Located in the heart of Birmingham’s original entertainment district, 5 Points South, Jazz Underground is your destination for live entertainment, great food and grown folks fun! Check out our schedule for weekly shows, happy hour and special events!]

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1048 Jazz and Blues. 1104 East Fairview Ave. Tel: Tel 334-834-1048 [Live Music Every Night. 365 days a year. 8 Shows a week minimum. For over 15 years, we've been supporting LIVE music in this town. From Jazz/Blues/Rock/ to Folk/Reggae/Punk/Alternative and everything in between! We're home to those who appreciate the efforts of musicians and performers to entertain, inform, and impress]






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Each month. Five tracks from the albums of groups worldwide. Diverse musicians and diverse styles. The track that gets the most votes will get a one month dediated promotional page on Jazz Clubs Worldwide.

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    The Music Village. Great place to check out local and international musicians and groups.

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