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Akademija 28. Nemanjina 28. Tel: (011) 361-1644 (ask what are the jazz days)


Association of Jazz Musicians of Zemun ( Belgrade). Zmaj Jovina 27, Zemun Belgrade. Tel: (011) 2198-714 ["Association of Jazz Musicians of Zemun (Belgrade). Zmaj Jovina 27, Zemun (Belgrade ). Tel: (011) 2198-714 [Call Deyan, jazz musician and organizer of sessions. Tel:(011) 190-572[Open stage jam session, every Tuesday, 8-11 pm. at "Tri Ladjar" restaurant with good home cooking]

Jazz Club Zemun - Dixie Session



Azbuka Gastro Progres. Kralja Milana 2. Belgrade. Tel: +381 63 1381323


Bajloni basta. Cetinjska 15. 11000 Belgrade. Tel: +381 63 380504


COCO jazz bar. Rajiceva 14.  Tel: +381606860614 [contact: Bojan. Jazz club in downtown of Belgrade. Near by main pedestrian street Knez mihajlova. it is open every day from 12-01. Jazz program: live jazz every night. bossa nova,Bebop, Jazz standars. bands: two, trio, quintet, istruments: drums, guitar, piano, contrabas, sax,trupmet etc. wine and finger food program.]


Jazz Basta. Male stepenice, Beograd, Servië. Tel: +381 62 8711475


Jazz klub Cekaonica. Bulevar Vojvode Misica 17/8, Belgrade 110000, Tel: +381 61 2511222 [9:00am - 3:00am]


Lava bar. Kneza Miloša 77 11000 Beograd


Nikola Samardzic Trio - Lava bar



Masinski. University of Belgrade, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering. Kraljice Marije 16. Tel: (011) 330-2315. [Fridays from 21 to 24 only]


Muha Bar. Kralja Petra 18 , 11000 Beograd. Tel.: +381 65 26 22 090


Plato. Akademski plato 1. Tel: 639 121


Ptica ("Bird"). Santiceva 8. Tel: (011) 323-4614 [Wednesday to Sunday ]


Riff Jazz Club. Makenzijeva bb. Belgrade. Tel: +381 64 0022606 [Riff Jazz Club is located in a small district called \"Gradic Pejton\" (Peyton City) in heart of Belgrade. There is a relaxed atmosphere and no one will bother you while sipping their drinks with the sounds of jazz, blues, etc.]


Room Service at the RIF - Samba de una nota



Sinatra. Brace Jugovica 3. Tel: (011) 262-2146 [Thursday to Saturday]


Sinnerman jazz club. Trg Nikole Pasica 5. Belgrade. Tel: +381 64 3005673 [jazz & blues club]




Jazz Club Wheels. Natoseviceva 4. Tel: +381 21 522 557 [contact: Family Dujin. Jazz Club Wheels was founded in 1998. It is situated in the center of Novi Sad, in Natoseviceva St. 4. Since the beginning the club hosted over 500 noncommercial music events. The main goal of the line up schedule is to promote and expand urban, jazz inspired culture. The program meets the needs of the people who stop by regularly. Even twelve years ago the club was recognized as the only club in Vojvodina with regular jazz line up or theme nights. The Jazz Club Wheels was called after the Aleksandar Dujin jazz album from 1993 “Wheelz Around the World”, symbolically representing time and music travel going on in the club. From the start Jazz Club was the place where the gigs were organized not because of the money and engagement, but because of the pleasure, experimenting and promoting. All the musicians in Novi Sad took part in that. On the menu are tapas different taste and cheeses.]

NS-quartet - Jazz Club Wheels








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