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peterThe past year has been both strange and difficult. It has also been a time that has encouraged reflection. Jazz has been a major part of my life since my teenage years. Then, almost without warning, all the elements that comprised my jazz life came to a halt. The music. Meeting of friends. Meeting new people. The talk. The gossip. The pleasure of walking the streets at a late hour.

Jazz has given me immense pleasure. Some high points in my life. Also, moments of frustration and disappointment. Even rare instances of anguish. But when the scales are balanced, pleasure and fulfilment far outweighs the occasional downside.

This website and integration with both YouTube and Facebook is an ongoing. Please excuse my temerity bending to my own needs one of the most recognized titles in literature - 'Remembrance of Jazz Past' - with a sincere wish that more amenable and familiar times will at last start to return, not just for myself, but for the entire worldwide jazz fraternity.


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None sequential recollections of my jazz life, both as a musician, and creator of the website Jazz Clubs Worldwide: https://jazz-clubs-worldwide.com    Upright Piano With A Ten Mile View





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