Under 35 Likes Jazz

This morning I had a sad email from California following on from my 'Jazz Clubs Worldwide September Newsletter' where I talked about the current health of the jazz scene internationally. I quote:

Charlie 'O's"Hello Peter: I wanted you to know, in case you haven't heard, that Charlie O's Jazz Club in Southern California closed down for good on August 31, 2011. You can remove our listing from...

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Under Thirty Five - And Do Like Jazz

edkIf you are in Manchester, England of a Wednesday evening check out The Indigo Bar. 460 Withington Rd. Withington, South Manchester, M20 4AN. Its a delight. You will find a weekly jam session organised and directed by saxophonist Ed Kainyek.

This dynamic individual knows just how to keep the proceedings under control in a manner that renders his underlying firmness almost...

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Hard Bop Is Alive And Well - No Need For An Apology

hardbopThere is a tendency in some zones of the jazz world to devalue what can be loosely described as earlier styles. This particularly so by a certain species of jazz critic who want to proclaim that they are riding on and perhaps exclusively appreciating the crest of some new wave. Why should we not appreciate the musicians, bands and styles from all the periods that constitute the...

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Drummer Moe Green asked why so few band play Jelly Roll Morton compositions


The question Moe Green poses about the absence of compositions of Jelly Roll Morton in the repertoire of the performing bands is one that has interested me from time to time.

Let me say that I have a great admiration for both Jelly Roll Morton and his bands - particularly The Red Hot Peppers. Also too the musicians he employed. They where individuals at the top of their league....

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Croatian jazz great Petrovic dies at 75

ZAGREB (AFP) – Croatian jazz great Bosko PetrovicBosko Petrovic, who has played and recorded with many international stars, died here Monday at the age of 75, the national musicians' association said.

Petrovic, born in 1935 in the northern town of Bjelovar, was a vibraphone player, composer, arranger, producer and pedagogue.

In 1959 he founded the Zagreb Jazz Quartet, inspired by the local...

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