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Web Page Development

Making The Internet Work For You

In 1997, I started developing websites and since those early days have worked for a very extensive range of clients and subjects. Clients have included. European Commission. Word Wildlife Fund. International Federation of Journalists. News Safety Institute. Derek Wadsworth (Musician and Composer) Bill Tarmey (Television Soap Star) Financial Times. Property Plus. The Sprout. European Cultural Digest. Any many more…

Currently, I develop CMS (Content Management Systems) Joomla. This provides an almost limitless range of possibilities combined with relatively easy updating and content management. Joomla is a very stable and long-established platform with a high level of stability and security.

Skill Set

  • Total Website Development
    Social Media
    HTML. JavaScript. PHP. Graphic Design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Hosting and Server Administration
  • Informed advice and analysis

Two Recent Projects


Jazz Cat

Ben Crosland. Musician. Composer. Arranger. Band Leader. Record Label.
Text. Graphics. Videos. Audio. CD Shop (PayPal). Gallery. Agenda. Social Media Links.



Lucie De Ley

Pianist. Singer. Composer. Arranger. Band Leader. Educator
Classically trained pianist. Creative shaping of jazz and pop standards.
Background graphics and videos. Audio. Gallery. Contact Page.
(site nearing completion)


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