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Shablul Jazz Club. Hangar 13 Tel Aviv Port. Tel : 972+3.5461891 [Shablul Jazz – The Beating Heart of Live Jazz in Tel Aviv! Shablul Jazz Club at the Tel Aviv harbor, is the heart and the home of Contemporary Israeli Jazz.Live shows are held every night, by the finest, uppermost and up-to-date local artists, as well as international stars. And every friday afternoons.The venue is located at the beautifully renewed harbor of Tel Aviv, and it is designed and equipped with the most top quality audio gear, by all standards.The sensual intimacy of the Jazz sound, the coziness and warmth of design, and a gourmet menu and wine collection, makes your night at Shablul Jazz Club a perfect and unforgettable experience!]

Levontin 7. 7 Levontin Street. Tel: 972 3 5605084 [There is a very reach jazz scene going on in israel, and levontin 7 is one of its main venues. New venue located in the Hashmal Garden area (just take a left from Alenby southern end). we are open every day, from 7:30 pm until last costumer finishes he's/her drink (the bar is a 2 floor space. down stairs (you could literally call it underground) is where the shows happen. we give stage to 2 show each evening (!) from avant-garde and free jazz, through classic and modern jazz, through hard rock, and soft indie, electronic and acoustic, on to classical music... everything worth listening to, every music, and other content that we find interesting and high quality is to be found under our roof. the upper floor is a bar, the best alcohol in the best prices in tel aviv. we bring unique Djs, video-art artists and acoustic live bands to the upper bar as well, and mostly it functions as a bar, with a very simple but high quality vibe to it.musicians that performed (jazz) - peter brotzmann, evan parker, amina claudine mayers, marilyn crispell, al foster... and more..]


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