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16 Prospect. 16 Prospect Street Westfield. Tel: 908. 232.7320 [Various jazz combos]

Brightside Tavern. 141 Bright Street, Jersey City. Tel: 2014351234 [[contact: Tom Parisi. The Brightside Tavern in Jersey City hosts a Live Jazz Evening on Mondays all year long. Experienced musicians and seasoned vocalists come collaborate and play on stage. And, the community comes there to celebrate talent and experience live music. Brightside's shows maintain an intimate vibe in a room large enough to host 25 musicians and plenty of guests.

The crowd is very eclectic; ranging from the young hip-hop artistimmersing in all types music to an 80-year old jazz veteranexperiencingit all come full circle. There isn't a venue like this anywhere else.There's no cover, but there's plenty of fun. On top of all that, Brightside serves the best dinner in Jersey City! All theappetizers,entrees and desserts are prepared and cooked on site by expert chefs.

Served with love, our generous portions and fair prices are all part of the brightsideexperience. Oh, and we hardly need to mention the bar, located in a separate room, brightside's bar maintains a full selection of local, international, craft and american beers, selected wines and fine liquours.You can easily take a break from the stage, kick-back and add a shot to your tab.]



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