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Nygadehuset. Nygade 23, Aabenraa, DK-6200. Tel: +45 74 62 08 03 Fax: +45 76 63 15 18. [contact: Jenny Grundahl]


Huset, Hasserisgade. Hasserisgade 10, Aalborg, DK-9000. Tel: +45 9816 7666 Fax: +45 9816 7667 [contact: Lars Bang Jensen]

Skråen. Strandvejen 19, Aalborg, DK-9000. Tel: +45 98 12 21 89 Fax: +45 98 13 65 61.


Gyngen, Århus. Mejlgade 53, Århus C, DK-8000. Tel: +45 8676 0344 Fax: +45 8676 0354 [contact: Gitte Nielsen]

Musikcafeen, Århus. Mejlgade 53, Århus C, DK-8000. Tel: +45 86 76 03 44 Fax: +45 86 76 03 54. [contact: Gitte Nielsen]


Fermaten. Smallegade 4, Baghuset, Herning, DK-7400. Tel: +45 9722 5510 Fax: +45 9722 5593 [contact: Morten Koppelhus]


Ballerup Jazzclub. Baghuset, Sct.Jacobsvej 1. Tel: +45 44664666 [contact: O.Hoffeldt. One of the few clubs in Denmark to have Swing as well as Trad jazz on the program. Open one night a month,from 8 PM to 11.30 PM. Bar with beer,water,coffee and sanwich.]


Jazz Esbjerg. Cederlunden 10, 3. tv. Esbjerg East. Tel: +0045 75 14 14 12 Fax: +0045 75 14 14 29 [contact: Frank Sparholt]


Farum Jazzklub. Ellegården, Stavnsholtvej 168 [contact: chairwoman Inger Petersen. Open the first Friday each month, music 9.00 - 12.00]


Det Bruuske Pakhus. Kirkestræde 3, Fredericia, DK-7000. Tel: +45 7592 54 22 Fax: +45 7592 4224 [contact: Dan L Dorschel]


Fermaten. Smallegade 4. Tel: +45 97225510 Fax: +45 97225593 [contact:Simon. Venue of the Middle- and Western Jutland in Denmark. Rock, pop, traditional- and modern jazz, hip-hop, world etc. Capacity up to 600 guests. Nightclub. Lots of cool drinks, -no food. Modern and cosy place whith a special atmosphere of real live music.]

Fox and Hounds Herning. Østergade 17, 7400 Herning. Tel: +4597216966 [contact: Jan Taulbjerg. Fox and Hounds Herning is a Scottish pub, with a very cosy atmosphere. Once a month Fox has a jazz concert, with a buffet and a wide selection of beer.]


Musikcafeen, Hobro. Pakhusstræde 5 - 9500 Hobro DK-9500. Tel: +45 98 51 18 51 Fax: +45 98 51 18 50. [contact: Sten Jul Rasmussen]


Holbaek Jazzklub. Gasværksvej 9. 4300 Holbaek Tel./Fax: 59 43 63 07 GIRO: 1-654-2075


Hornbaek Jazzklub. Sjoelundsparken 9. Tel: +45 22773077. [contact: Thorsten Rasmussen. Modern and mainstream jazz. Situated 50 kilometers north of Copenhagen. Playing first Friday every months. Program on homepage]


Amager Jazzklub. Hollands Alle 4. Tel: +45 32970117. [contact: Else Mikkelsen. Traditional, New Orleans, Dixiland and Swing. Address for the events: Cafekino, Oeresundsvej 6, 2300 S]

Charliescotts. Skindergade 43. Copenhagen. Tel: 33121220 [contact: Charlie Scott. Swing and Trad Jazz Live every Tuesday Thursday 17:00 till 20:30. Check website out for program.]

Jazz Club Loco. Helgesensgade 5, st.th. Tel: +45 28 78 41 98. [contact: Jakob Drong & Mads Maaløe. The Jazz Club Loco has its focus on experimental jazz. Cross-over with rock ingredients, avantgarde and free-jazz could be the key words. Both international and Danish performers. The Loco concerts takes place in different venues all over Copenhagen.]

Jazzhus Montmartre. Store Regnegade 19A. 1110 Copenhagen. Denmark’s once legendary jazz club Montmartre re-opens May 1st 2010 in its original premises in Copenhagen. During the 1960’s and 70’s the club served as a European home for American giants like Ben Webster, Dexter Gordon, Stan Getz, Kenny Drew and many others. The music schedule will be released April 6, and booking will start online the same day at 12 noon.
The historic re-opening is initiated by the 46-year old Paris-based Danish jazz pianist Niels Lan Doky and his friend, media executive and entrepreneur Rune Bech (43). They will operate the club on a non-profit basis.
- Re-opening this legendary jazz club is an adventurous dream coming true. This club has a very special place in the hearts of so many people, and I feel humbled and grateful for the chance and opportunity to give this mythical place a new life in a new era. Our ambition is to create one of the most exciting jazz clubs in Europe with a world class music profile, says Niels Lan Doky.

JazzHouse Vognporten. Raadhusstraede 13, D -1466 Copenhagen K, Tel: (+45) 33 15 20 02 + 429 fax: (+45) 33 15 55 96 [contact: jazzfestival Swingin' Copenhagen. From New Orleans stylemusic to bop. open friday and saturday 20.00-01.00 Live music, dancing, bar]

La Fontaine. Kompagnistræde 11, København K, DK-1208. Tel: +45 33 11 60 98 [contact: Ole Hierwagen. La Fontaine is the oldest jazz venue in Copenhagen with live concerts friday and saturday from 11pm - 3 am and jamsessions every Sunday from 9 pm - 01 am. (live music: September - June) Mon-Thu all year, there is cool Hi-Fi jazz, relaxed atmosphere, beer and drinks. Happy hour all days 20-22, except Sundays. Tickets: only available in the door! Jamsession (free)]

Palæ Bar. Ny Adelgade 5, København K. DK-1104. Tel: +45 33 12 54 71 Fax: +45 33 12 54 70. [contact: Jannick Christensen]

The Standard Jazz Club. Havnegade 44. tel: +45 53710377 [contact: Niels Lan Doky/Lara Bisserier. This is a completely unique Jazz Club, owned by two world famous celebrities. Niels Lan Doky is a world renowned Danish and Vietnamese jazz pianist and Claus Meyer is a world famous chef that began the world's best restaurant "Noma". The concept is fine dining and Jazz. There are 3 restaurants in the building. 2 of the restaurants are Nordic and one is Indian. The Studio received it's Michelin star only after 6 months of opening. Torsten Vilgaaard was once a chef at Noma and came to The Studio to have his very own restaurant. The other Nordic restaurant was inspired by Claus Meyer's Almanak cookbook and serves traditional Danish food with a twist. The Indian restaurant is Authentic Indian food prepared by chefs flown out from India also hoping to soon receive a Michelin star. The building itself is in the world famous Nyhavn in Copenhagen. It is a historic art deco building built in 1937. The atmosphere in the jazz club is second to none, right on the water in the Center of Copenhgaen.]


Great Jazz Club. Drottninggatan 40. Tel: 46-13-13 72 39 Fax: 46-13-13 72 39. [contact: Great Jazz Club Chairman, Claes Moberg]


Club HepCat. Stora Södergatan 64. Tel: +46-211 14 49 Fax: +46-211 14 49 [contact: HepTown.ek.för. The Ultimate Neo-Swing Lounge in Scandinavia. Great atmosphere of god music, dance, coctails and what you normaly miss when you jamming around at night]


Jazzclub Saint Louis. Lekkendevej 9. [contact: Niels Skov]


Jazzhus Dexter. Vindegade 65, Odense C, DK-5000. Tel: +45 6613 6888 Fax: +45 6594 3356 [contact: Poul William Falck]

Jazzens Venner Fyn. Toldbodgade 5. Odense. Tel: +4540605651. [contact: BE Johansen. Traditional New Orleans, Open 1. and 3. Sunday from 12-17, food available ]


Bornholms Musikhus. St Torv 6, Rønne, DK-3700. Tel: +45 5695 9404 Fax: +45 5695 9420 [contact: Per Andersen]


Slangerup Jazzklub. Lindevej 6, Buresoe. Tel: 0045 47335531 [contact: Jørgen Christensen message = Jazzclub every last Saturday in the month. Only traditional, dixieland -and New Orleans jazz]


Frokostjazzen Silkeborg. Aahavevej 2A. Rampelys, Bindslevs Plads 6 Te: +45 8680 1617 Fax: +45 86816180 [contact: Steffen Juul Hansen. Classic jazz, each Saturday 12:00 hrs from September to April. Cold food and drinks available]


JIVE- Jazz in Vejle. Kollegievej 11 st.tv. Tel: +45 2211 0331 Fax: +45 7587 1907 [contact:Thomas H. Mathiesen. Presents major international groups and musicians]

Vejle Jazzklub. Vedelsgade 31 - 7100 Vejle (Musikteatret) Tel: 7642 0060 Fax. 7642 0061.


Jazz Club Viborg. Paletten, Vesterbrogade 10, 8800 Viborg. Viborg. 8800-DK. Tel. 86 62 83 22.


Jazzclub Satchmo, Aalborg. Nøddevej 1A, Stae. Tel: 5188 0815 contact: Formand: Vagn Müller. Traditionel jazzclub]


Jazzclub Saint Louis. Nyraad Kro, Nyraad Hovedgade 66. Tel: +45 20 15 16 65 [contact: Niels Skov. Denmarks 4th oldest Jazzclub. traditional New Orleans Jazz - Swing - Blues. First Friday every month. Jazzmenu]



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