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Alterna. Kounicova 48. Tel: +420 541 212 091. [Open every day, jazz concerts every Sunday evening from 20.00, ranging from the very classic to the very obscure]
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Klub Hudební bazar. Nádražní 138A, Tel: +420 732 971 174
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Jazz Tibet Club. Sokolská 48, (naproti kina Metropol - Near the Metropol Cinema). Tel: 585 230 399
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AghaRTA Jazz Centrum. Železná 16 Praha 1. Tel: +420222211275. [contact: Michal Hejna. Top live jazz musicians from Prague every night at 9pm since 1991. The club, carrying on by 2HP Production (which is also the owner of ARTA Records and ARTA Music trademarks), is opened daily since 29 September 1991, the day following the death of one of the pioneers and innovators of modern jazz Miles Davis and named after his important album from the 1970s. You can visit the club any evening and listen to a concert performed by top Czech musicians.
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Jazz Club Ungelt. Týn 2/640-Týnská Ulic(KA, PRAHA 1, 110 00 Tel: +420 608 324 794 +420 224 895 787, +420 224 895 748 [Ungelt, often also called the Týn Yard, is a fine historical site in the Old Town of Prague. Back in history it constituted an independent legal entity under the royal authority of the Czech Prince and, later on, Czech King. The proceeds from the customs duties(„ungelt“) collected there went to the Royal Purse. Every foreign merchant had to go through this yard to declare his goods. People in Prague used to call Ungelt the Mery Yard. The merchants drank there on their good or as less good bargains.
Come and ring your good day. Enjoy the best beer, the genuine Pilsner from Pilsen.
The restaurant offers fine siting in two vaulted rooms, accomodating as many as 50 guests. In the summer season another 25 guests can enjoy refreshment at tables under sunshades in front of the entrance to the beerhouse. The atrium is full of flowers so that, we get in the house, it makes a cosy „garden“ with a breathtaking view of the Our Lady Church. Listening to good jazz music you can enjoy the excellent Czech beer, Pislner Urquell. To make the beer taste even better there is a rich menu which meets the tastes of all guests: those who only wish to have a little something as well as those who want to try the traditional Czech cuisine.And, with your coffee, you will certainly enjoy our home strudel with whipped cream.
In the evening you just go down the stairs into the Romanesque underground vaults where live music will welcome you. Top Czech or foreign jazz bands with excellent soloists play there every night.]
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Jazzdock Jazz & Blues Bar.Janác(kovo nábr(eží 15000 Praha 5. Tel: 774 058 838
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Jazz Club U Stare Pani. Michalska street 9. Tel: +420 603 551 680. [The name ‘U Stare Pani’ translated into English languague means At The Old Womans’. It implies that this building, where is a hotel too, had been a whorehouse before turning into something more serious – that building is really old, it was build in the middle age. Jazz club was found in 2002 and now it is very favourite place for foreigners. It is the only one jazz club in Prague where you could eat regular food – there is a great restaurant with original and exotic meals like Thai soup, grilled goat, burrito and so on. Live jazz concert from 21:00-24:00]

Music Club "U Maleho Glena". Karmelitska 23, Tel. +42 2 5358115 [Downstairs at U Maleho Glena has been consideredone of the most exciting jazz spots in the city by local and visiting jazz musicians and jazz fans. Every night concerts feature the best local jazz & blues artists and bands. Curently Mondays and Wednesdays are dedicated to Blues and fetaure the hottest artists in Prague.]
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Reduta Jazz Club. Praha 1, Narodni tr.20, Tel: +42 2 24912246 [Live jazz every day from 9.30 p.m]
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Jazz Club Teplice. 28 Ríjna 12 415 01 Tel: +420 777 020 825



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