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Baiser Salé. 58 Rue des Lombards, 75001 Paris Tél: 01 42 33 37 71 Fax : 01 42 36 24 40. [A cellar lined with jazz-related paintings, a large bar, and videos that show jazz greats of the past (Charlie Parker, Miles Davis), this is an appealing club. Everything is mellow and laid-back, with an emphasis on the music. Genres include Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latino, salsa, merengue, rhythm and blues, and sometimes fusion. Open daily 5:30pm to 6am. ]

Duc des Lombards. 42 Rue des Lomabrds, 75001 Paris. tel: 01 42 33 22 88 [Comfortable and appealing, this low-key jazz club replaced an older club 10 years ago. Performances begin nightly at 9pm and continue (with breaks) for 5 hours, touching on everything from free jazz to more traditional forms such as hard bop. Concerts begin at 9:30pm. ]

Le Peit Journal Saint-Michel. 71 Boulevard Saint-Michel, 75005 Paris. tel: 01 43 26 28 59 [The club lies in the center of the Latin Quarter, opposite the Jardin du Luxembourg. Created in 1971, it is the "high temple" in Paris for the jazz of New Orleans. Some of the country's top artists appear here, including Claude Bolling. The music is downstairs in an underground cellar. Open Monday to Saturday 9:30pm to 2am. ]

Petit Opportun. 15 Rue des Lavandières-Ste-Opportune, 75001 Paris. tel: 01 42 36 01 36


Sunset. 60 Rue des Lombards, 75001 Paris. tel: 01 40 26 46 60 [contact: Stephane Portet. Taken together, the Sunside and Sunset on Rue des Lombards, a walking street near Chatelet, are arguably the best club in town. (Just down the street, the admirable little Duc des Lombards is celebrating its 20th birthday.) The Sunset in the cave is for amplified blues, rock and world music. While the street-level Sunside has acoustic jazz, a great grand piano, interesting programming, a brick wall and, a rare and wonderful thing, efficient ventilation]


Caveau De La Huchette. 5,Rue De La Huchette. Tel: 01 43 26 65 05. Fax: 01 40 51 71 70. [contact: Dany Doriz. Every evening a jazz band performs for the listening pleasure of regulars and vistors alike. Dance in the timeless tradition of Saint-Germain des Prés jazz with the best boppers in Paris. Whether you are just a Jazz-Lover, like to dance your socks off, or are a professional musician, the exceptional atmosphere of the club will remind you of the Cotton Club and the Savoy in the glory days. From 1946 the greatest jazzmen in the world have appeared regulary]


Le Caveau des Oubliettes. 52, Rue Galande. Paris Tel: +33 1 46 34 23 09 Fax: +33 1 46 34 23 09 [Since 1920, a former jail. You won’t be at all impressed by the bar but it’s the jazz club downstairs that makes this place special. The quality of the music varies and you find more locals off tourist season. But if you go there in time to grab a place there is something about this little club that will certainly seduce you. Admission is free. Open all year: 9:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. Sunday to Thursday and until 4:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Metro: St Michel or Cité or Maubert Mutualité (around the corner from Saint Julien le Pauvre)]



Chez Pappa Jazz Club. 7-11 Rue Saint-Benoit, 75006 Paris. tel: 01 42 61 53 53. fax: 01 49 27 09 33


Paris-Prague Jazz Club. 18 rue Bonaparte, Paris 75006. Tel: 0153730029 [contact: Centre Culturel Tchèque. beautiful ancient stone cellars in the "St.Germain des Prés" spirit. Jazz club every Friday evening 7pm30 to 12pm. Very low prices, accessible for students: cover 5€, pint of lager 3€. Food: tchèque lunch, hot sausages. Styles: Modern and vintage jazz, blues, western swing, zydéco]
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New Morning. 7 Rue des Petites Ecuries, 7510 Paris. tel: 01 45 23 56 39. Programme: 01 45 23 51 41 [This is one of the two great Parisian jazz clubs. The greatest have played here. Bigger than the average jazz room (600 seats). Top class local and international musicians and groups.]


Petit Journal Montparnasse. 13 Rue du Commandant Mouchotte, 75014 Paris. tel: 01 43 21 56 70 [La Petit Journal Montparnasse is an intimate Paris Jazz club. The relaxed and friendly ambiance of the club is tempting. Guests can enjoy good food, and great music. Top international and national jazz musicians perform here.]



Jazz Club Lionel Hampton. Hotel Meridien, 81 Blvd. Gouvion Saint Cyr, 75015 Paris.
Tel: 01 40 68 30 42 - Fax: 01 40 68 31 81. [Contact: Philippe MAROIS. The Jazz Club Lionel Hampton has become one of the institutions of Parisian life and provides a daily opportunity to discover and enjoy the best artists and groups in contemporary jazz]


Autour De Midi. 11 rue Lepic - 75018 Paris. Tél: Fax: [e Midi…et minuit » brings back with the tradition, somewhat left by the wayside, the jazz spirit that pervaded some of the more mythic sites in Montmartre in the past. The jazz prevails downstairs in our double “cave voutée” where one side harbours a bar with our charming Christine, and the other side gives way to a very charming and comfortable listening room with a small stage.]
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Jazz Club d'Auxerre. Réservations au Théâtre d'Auxerre. 54 rue Joubert. Tél: 03 86 72 24 24.
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Hot Brass. 1, Avenue des Sources, Porte Magnanen 84000. Tel: 033 (0)4 90 820 810 Fax: 033 (0)4 90 820 810
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La Manutention. 4 rue Escalier Ste-Anne. Tel: 0490860861 Fax: 0490864087 [contact: Jean-Paul Ricard. Jazz and improved music since 1978, on Thursday evening. Office opened from Monday to Friday. No food, no drink, but a café and a restaurant down stairs]


Comptoir du Jazz. 59, Quai de Paludate. el: +(33) 5 56 49 15 55 [LOcated near The du restaurant du Port de la Lune. Jazz and blues. Entrance Free every Tuesdat evening. Great ambiance]
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Thelonius. 18 Rue Bourbon, 33300 Bordeaux. tel: 05 56 11 00 50 [Jazz lovers should make a beeline for this bar whose main aim, weekends and even weekdays, is to present groups or soloists from among Bordeaux's up and coming talent. The invited musicians have a varied repertoire in jazz and you can hear the latest trends here too. Elegantly decorated with dim lights and an intimate atmosphere, the bar's audiences number about 50, real devotees included, who come to listen to their favorite music.]



Jazz club de Savoie. 138 Rue François de Guise, 73000 CHAMBÉRY. Tel; 04 79 33 43 85. Contacts musiciens: 04 79 60 88 10 (Tél/Fax) ou 04 79 33 43 85



Good Time Jazz. Pontadig, Bar Tal Ar Pont, Tel: (00 33) (0)2 98 81 84. [contact: Trevor Stent. Lively, festive dixieland jazz in a great atmosphere. Monthly on Sundays, 4pm - 7pm]


Jazz Club Du Berry. 192 Ave. de la Châtre. 36000 CHÂTEAUROUX. Tel: 0254348964 Tel: 0254221985 Tel: 0608618851



Dunkerque Jazz Club. Salle de Concerts et Bureau Pôle Marine, Dunkerque. Tél: 03 28 63 51 00 Fax: 03 28 51 14 79



La Soupe au Choux. 7 Route de Lyon, 38000 Grenoble. Tel: 04 76 87 05 67 [contact: La Soupe aux Choux, host of the Grenoble Jazz CLUB (France). All jazz styles are represented: modern Jazz, Blues, Swing, New-Orleans]


La Clef De Voute. 1 Place Chardonnet. Tel: 04 72 00 83 61. [contact: Stephane Vincenza Be Bop. Hard Bop. Swing]

Le Baryton. 30 r Arbre Sec. 69001 Lyon Tel: 04 78 28 34 41 [A “Très Sympa”, friendly, inexpensive (free entrance, beer 3.50 €), popular, jazz joint is happen 7 nights a week from 22h00 to 02h00 with friendly barman Laurent]

Le Hot Club 26, rue Lanterne,Lyon 1er. Tel : 04 78 39 54 74. Fax: +33 04 7830 9667 [Tuesday to Saturday, every night at 9.30 pm]
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St. Louis Club. 61, rue Mercière. 69001 Lyon. Tel: 04 78 92 99 83 [Metro: Bellecour Program jazz: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays. Time from 23h00. Entrance: Free. Drinks (one minimum) €8-15]


Le Fouquet. 18 Rue Beavau. Tel: 04 91 33 72 06 [contact: Monique and Jos. Modern jazz styles, from small acoustic groups. Great friendly atmosphere, though audience not all there for the music, so can be noisy. Excellent tapas. A la carte menu looks good too. Music most nights except Sunday. Open until around 2am]

Louisiana Jazz Club.133, bd. de Sainte Marguerite. 13009 MARSEILLE (métro Dromel). Tél & Fax : 04 91 41 46 36 Mobile : 06 03 67 11 45


Pelle Mele. 45 Cours H. d'Estienne d'Orves, 08 Place aux Huiles. Tel: 04 91 54 85 26 Fax: 04 91 55 55 58 [contact: Jeane Pelle]


Caveau des Trinitaires . 10-12 Rue des Trinitaires, 57040 Metz. tel: 03 87 75 04 96



Le Crescent Jazz Club.83 rue Rambuteau. Tel: 03 85 39 08 45
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Pannonica. 9 Rue Basse Porte, Tel: (33) 240487474 Fax: (33) 240482818 [contact: Francois-Xavier Ruan. Concerts the Thursday and friday all the year except in summer all the jazz styles, from classic to new and improvised musics]


Cats. 2 rue des trois Maries. Tel: 02-38-54-68-68 Fax: 02-38-54-68-68 [contact: Philippe DECAIN. The CATS des Trois Maries is a Jazz Club Café Concert, meeting point of musics and musicians, arts and artists. The public can find in this place what it is looking for or discover new things]


Jazzogene à l'art notre. Rue de la Sagesse. Tel: 0553069998 Fax: 0553069998 [contact: Association Jazzogene. Open every last Friday evening of the month. contemporary style, post bop. accomodation up to 100 persons. Bar]
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Jazz Club de Champagne. 63 rue Libergier, Reims, Marne 51100. Tel: 03 26 47 00 10 Fax: 03 26 47 29 59


Soho jazz club à Roubaix. 44 rue Jean Moulin.




The Jazz-N-Pasta Club. Restaurant Pasta, 209, Ave Aristide Briand. Tel: +0033493354444 Fax: +0033492100936 [contact: Roberto Trillo. Where good music meets good food! A newcomer in the jazz club scene on the Riviera, right at the border to Italy, featuring local and international musicians every Saturday night all year long. Mor events are scheduled, including a first festival on the borderline line between France and Italy]


Jazz au Mercure. 6 avenue du Parc. 31700 BLAGNAC. Tél. 06 82 49 23 77

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Mandala 23, rue des amidonniers, Toulouse, 31000. Tel: 05 61 21 10 05.

Rest'Ô Jazz. 8, rue Amélie, Toulouse. Tel: +33 5 61 57 96 95 Fax: +33 5 61 57 96 95 [contact: Yannick Orthlieb. Since 2004, the Rest'Ô Jazz is perpetuating the tradition of New Orleans Jazz Clubs distilling a unique atmosphere in Toulouse. All year long, jazz influences adapt to any purpose. From Louis Armstrong to The Mississippi Jazz Band, from Django Reinhardt to Gadjo Zaz Trio, from Count Basie to The Philippe Laudet Jazz Odyssée... The Rest'Ô Jazz is open from Tuesday to Saturday with live jazz every nights]

Salle Nougaro. 20, chemin de Garric 31200 Toulouse. Tel: 05 61 57 02 29
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Le Petit Faucheux. 23 Rue des Cerisiers, Tours. tel: 02 47 38 29 34


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