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Jazz Klub Satchmo. Strossmayer, Jeva 6. Tel: 02 25 02 150. Fax: 250 21 51. [Open: 8pm-2am Mon-Thu, 9pm-3am Fri, 7pm-3am Sat, 7pm-12pm Sun
Located in the brick-vaulted cellar of Maribor Art Gallery, Satchmo Jazz Club offers a widely varied music programme - jazz concerts predominate, but these are complemented by blues, soul, funk and alternative music events.
The venue hosts up to 30 concerts each year in the acclaimed Skrite note ('Hidden Music Score') series of avant-garde music concerts organised by KIBLA Multimedia Centre, and is also the main venue for the annual Izzven Jazz Festival, Maribor. Lectures, art performances and small-scale independent stage productions also take place at the Club.]


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